Friday, October 14, 2011

Podcast on Databases

I created a podcast about current databases available to my teachers which can be accessed through either my Destiny Media Center homepage or District sites.The podcast was designed to give teachers basis information about these database so that they can quickly determine if the site is applicable to their particular teaching needs and strategies. I could not share usernames and passwords as that is protected information. Instead I shared usernames and passwords by distributing a hard copy to the teachers at the school. It is my hope that this podcast will create greater interest and use of these databases. To access this podcast click here.


  1. Hi Twila,

    I was really excited to listen to your podcast since I have an interest in educational programming, but it appears that the link isn't working. Can you post it again?


  2. Twila,
    You created such a helpful podcast for the patrons who use your Destiny Catalog. I thought you gave a well thought out brief explanation for each database. You also made it clear when special access was required. I would love to create something similar for my library someday. Thank you for such a fine example.

  3. Twila,

    I loved your podcast! It is very informative. I took notes of some sites I have not visited before but sound useful and interesting. By the way, you have a very soothing voice.

    This comment is for Efairall:
    I had to log out of my personal Google account and log in using my USF account to download this podcast. Hope this helps. :)

  4. Ok, So I am wishing at my current library that we had some of these databases. I work at a Curriculum Materials Center (education department library) and some of the things you mentioned I am wondering if we have access to because it would be really helpful for the education students! I think this was a great idea for a podcast and you did very well giving the information that the teachers need! You also spoke well and it was easy to listen to because you didn't go to fast! I know I have my moments of talking quickly!

  5. I loved your podcast. I am an avid fan of databases and it is the one thing that gets cut when we make budget cuts in the public library system. I offer our remaining databases to everyone who comes to the reference desk, they are astounded to find that they have all kinds of help with computers and homework etc., great job!!

  6. Hi Twila,
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast and found myself taking note of the many informative pieces of info that you offer. You have a future in podcasting! Have you given this to the teachers yet? What was their reaction? Great information and delivery. Well done!-Kris